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What We Offer

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Treatments and Care Options We Provide. 

The team of Palo Alto dentists at Nidhi A Pai DMD provides patients with a wide range of different options for dental care, from routine checkups and cleanings, to cavity fillings, cosmetic treatments and even major dental surgeries. Our goal is to help you enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile. We want to enable you to live your life free from the pain and discomfort of tooth decay.



Smile Makeovers

By placing a thin layer of material over the surface of a tooth, it is possible to give a patient a brand new smile with bright, white and correctly aligned teeth. Veneers are effective at hiding crooked or chipped teeth, as well as restoring the sparkle of your smile.


Dental Implants

If you are missing one or more teeth, you’ll want replacements that are as natural-looking as possible. With dental implants, you get a perfect fit, and they will look and feel as good as your original teeth


Same Day Crown and Bridges

For those with advanced tooth decay or who have lost teeth, we can help by installing a crown or bridge that fills the gap where a tooth should be or helps to make whole a tooth with a large cavity. It is important to take care of such problems early to prevent irreversible damage.


Invisalign (Clear Braces)

Invisalign provides a way to straighten your teeth without the ugly braces. They are a series of nearly undetectable aligners to be worn instead of wires and brackets. It's really hard for people to tell you’re wearing aligners.


Teeth Whitening

Is your smile no longer as white as you would like? Many elements of today's diet - such as daily soda and frequent red wine consumption - make it difficult to keep a bright smile, and few people brush as often as they know they ought to in order to maintain good dental health. Fortunately, we can help you obtain the bright, white and shiny smile you desire with bleaching and teeth whitening.


Gum Rejuvenation

Periodontal issues resulting in swollen and red gums (gingivitis) or destruction of tissues and bone (Periodontis) result in infection and ultimately tooth loss. The solution till now has been traditional Gum grafting, a lengthy and painful procedure. However, our office is certified for “pinhole” technique which dramatically reduces and time and discomfort associated with traditional techniques.

I cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Pai, her team, her office, her services, and her professionalism. A friend recommended me to her years ago and it is one of the best recommendations I’ve ever received about a doctor. She’s warm, honest, and very skilled, and so is her team.

Chris P. (Patient)

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