What Can I Do To Prevent a Root Canal?

What Can I Do To Prevent a Root Canal?

Teeth that have become badly broken, decayed, or infected may need to be saved using a procedure known as a root canal. This is a process where a hole is drilled in the tooth, then the nerves and pulp found within the tooth are completely removed before the tooth is sealed back off. Root canals are crucial in preventing damage from becoming worse, however, many people hate the idea of undergoing a procedure like this.

Steps to Avoid a Root Canal Procedure

Inside the center of the tooth lies a cavity that consists of a soft area and nerves. The nerves of the tooth sense hot and cold temperatures but do not affect the overall function of the tooth. When this becomes damaged, bacteria and debris can build up in this area. Without removal, an abscess, or pus-filled pocket, infection, or even drainage problems can arise. Unfortunately, root canal surgery can be extremely expensive and require additional care and follow up.

Luckily, there are some ways to prevent the need for a root canal, such as:

  • Addressing cavities right away
  • Brushing and flossing every day
  • Having tooth cracks, chips, and old fillings checked by a dentist
  • Visiting a dentist every six months
  • Paying for higher-quality dental products when needed

If you are unwilling to undergo a root canal procedure to save the tooth, you may be able to have the tooth completely extracted and replaced with a dental implant. This will involve a larger dental procedure, longer healing times, and may be more costly.

Getting a root canal can be important to maintaining your total oral health and limiting further infection. Starting early by maintaining good oral hygiene and visiting the dentists as soon as something seems amiss is the best way to prevent a root canal procedure.


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