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Concierge Services

Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Pai is renowned for her holistic approach to Cosmetic Dentistry. Your face provides the setting for your smile but most dentists are restricted to improving teeth in isolation. Dr. Pai has created a comprehensive experience called “Face and Smile Rejuvenation”, which addresses the entire face, starting with your smile. Each individual’s plan is personalized and may include straightening teeth, veneers, implants, and non-surgical procedures to combat signs for aging to restore the face’s natural youthful beauty using Botox and Dermal fillers.

Concierge Services

One of the many things patients love about our practice is our Concierge Service. It’s a favorite, especially with our out-of-town and international patients. Whether you’re traveling from Asia, Europe or are local, we will make your visit comfortable and enjoyable.

  • Unlimited access to the Dentist, including Virtual Consultations over Skype/Facetime

  • Private suite at the time of treatment

  • Uber or Lyft services

State of Art Facilities

Our environment is enjoyable and relaxing and you can trust Dr. Pai to use the latest technology giving you optimal results with minimally invasive treatments.


  • Digital X-ray (minimal radiation)

  • CEREC: on-site crown preparation (crowns ready in under 20 minutes)

  • Digital Panoramic X-ray

  • 3D Printing

  • 3D scanning

  • Digital intra-oral scans

Concierge Desk

Our Office

For many people, going to the dentist is simply not something to look forward to; instead, it can seem stressful. Everyone knows that you need to visit the dentist once every six months for a routine checkup and cleaning, as well as seeking care whenever serious dental health problems arise, but many find every possible excuse to delay their visits or even to avoid going altogether.

This avoidance unfortunately can result in dental issues such as tooth decay persisting to the point that it causes serious and often permanent damage to the teeth. Other people continue to live with easily correctable cosmetic defects which affect their confidence and self-esteem.

Even if you don't mind going to the dentist, it normally isn't a highlight on your calendar. At the Palo Alto dental office of Nidhi A Pai DMD, we take a different approach than many of our peers in the field. We work to make our patients' experiences as enjoyable and comfortable as possible by providing friendly service in a luxurious environment.

To put it simply, we believe in pampering our patients, and in many ways, coming to our office is more like visiting a spa than going to the dentist.

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