(Comments taken from various dentist review web sites. Names hidden for privacy.)

"I can honestly recommend Dr. Pai to anyone seeking a personable, highly skilled dentist. For anybody who knows me, this is a pretty huge compliment. Prior to Dr. Pai, I had a lot of bad experiences with dentists. I expect the work to be done correctly and comfortably the first time. Dr. Pai has restored my faith in the profession. The office staff is super friendly and professional. The equipment is modern with LCD panels for watching movies while you wait for the anesthesia to kick in. Overall, this dentist is an asset to the community and you would be hard pressed to find better."

"Thank you very much for sharing the positive experiences that you had with my Dad. It warms my heart to know how proud of me he was.

I must say that restoring the condition of his teeth was a long-term aspiration of his and I'm so glad that was able to see that work come to a completion. As a direct result of the work that you did, he was able to smile in an uninhibited way and experiencing the full joy of the moment, rather than worrying about shielding his outward appearance from others. I do believe that this ability to smile more was directly correlated with other improvements in his overall mood and attitude in this last year.

My Dad was being treated for intermittent seizures with an unknown root cause. While the exact cause of his death is still unknown, the medical examiner believes that he may have experienced a seizure while lying down in bed and accidentally suffocated. He lived a very full life until the very end and I'm again grateful for the work that you did, to help him enjoy that time, more fully and without apprehension."

"I would suggest Dr. Nidhi Pai in midtown Palo Alto. Professional, conservative in her approach and the office visit is a pleasure (DVDs/nice staff/no wait time). She has high tech equipment which minimizes pain/discomfort and drilling too deep. I wouldn't go anywhere else. She even repaired another dentist's bad filling for free. She never tries to sell you anything. You can definitely trust her."

"Dr. Pai is by far the best - I repeat THE BEST - dentist I have ever been to in my entire life. She fixed my chipped teeth, replaced my crowns, and cleaned my teeth with such dedication. Totally painless and actually quite pleasant - her staff always offers me tea and a heated blanket and pillows. And her services are not too expensive, particularly if you have insurance. Highly recommended!"

"She is simply an excellent dentist, honest and sincere. I love the teamwork in this office. The staff is great. And the office doesn't feel like a medical office, it's truly a relaxing atmosphere."

"Dr. Pai is a true JEM and her supporting staff is absolutely wonderful! The office is very clean and relaxing, with very professional and modern tools."