Root Canals

Root Canals in Palo Alto

About Root Canal Therapy

The tooth is not, as many people assume, a solid bone. Instead, it has a pocket at the center which holds soft tissues including nerves, blood vessels and pulp. When the tooth experiences serious decay, the interior area may become infected. Similarly, the tooth may become infected as a result of an injury which causes damage to the nerve tissue or tooth pulp, which breaks down and results in a proliferation of bacteria. In order to treat this condition and prevent the spread of infection, the patient is likely to require a root canal, which is one of the most common types of dental surgeries.

In a root canal, the nerve and pulp inside the tooth are surgically removed. The interior of the tooth is then cleaned out, after which it is sealed. Prior to sealing, the Palo Alto dentist may inject medication and leave it there for several days. The tooth is then filled in with a rubber compound, a filling is placed in the drilling hole and then the patient normally receives a crown on top of the gaping hole on the top of the tooth.

"I Would Rather Have a Root Canal"

How often have you heard that common phrase, used to express that the speaker would choose to receive a root canal in lieu of some other even less desirable activity? Root canal therapy is widely considered to be one of the most painful types of dental operation, but the fact is that with modern dentistry technology and anesthetic, most patients report that it is no more painful than receiving a routine filling. In fact, the greatest pain associated with a root canal is what the patient experiences in the time leading up to the operation. Don't let fears over an unpleasant experience prevent you from coming in to Nidhi A Pai DMD for help; relief from the pain you are feeling is available and may be easier than you realize!