Tooth Extractions in Palo Alto

Need to have a tooth pulled?

Tooth extraction is among the most common types of dental surgery, and it is also something that most people dread. Fortunately, it is not something that has to be an unpleasant experience. The patients of Nidhi A Pai DMD are pampered at every visit, and we place a high priority on patient comfort, with amenities such as warm blankets, movies in every room and even paraffin wax hand treatments. With the use of local or general anesthetic, it is often possible to prevent pain altogether so that the most that the patient feels is pressure and movement in the mouth. We also provide important pre-op information and post-op instructions to ensure that the entire process moves forward as smoothly and successfully as possible.

The extraction of a tooth, also referred to as exodontia, is fundamentally simple - the operation of pulling the tooth out of its socket in the jaw - but it is actually a complex oral surgery which often involves taking X-rays and a detailed medical history to prepare a plan for effectively treating the patient's condition. It is commonly performed when the patient is suffering tooth decay or has a tooth which has been broken or partially dislodged. Tooth extraction is also common in pediatric dentistry, such as when a baby tooth has not fallen out in time to clear the way for an adult tooth, or to facilitate the installation of braces. Less commonly, patients need to have a tooth pulled because they will be undergoing radiation therapy to the head or neck, or because a tooth has become infected.

Palo Alto Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Our Palo Alto dentists also commonly perform tooth extractions on patients who need to have one or more wisdom teeth pulled. Many people wait until they absolutely have to get their wisdom teeth pulled, for reasons such as decay, serious pain or infection, as well as if they are growing in at an angle against the adjacent tooth (which is referred to as impaction). It is highly advisable, however, to have the wisdom teeth extracted before this occurs, which is often during the patient's late teens or early twenties. Contact us now to request and appointment and to learn more about how we handle tooth extraction.